Wixinkbed the most durable mattress

If you’re of 300 pounds, you can’t buy the average mattress online unless you want to use it for 6 months. Wink bed is just a really nice bed that you’re going to use for years to come. They do make three different firmness options, but the wink plus model is made in about a medium to a medium firm. So, it should accommodate all sleeping positions. In all body types, and it does come with a lifetime warranty as well in the beds made in the United States. So, we have almost exclusively good things to say about wink bed and I’ll link a bunch more information for you down below in the description. We should even have coupons for most of these beds to save money, visit here.

Zex Xig

Next up is Zex Xig. So Zex Xig is the mattress that’s for somebody with a bigger figure. That’s the name, right? So, it’s a crazy durable Bulky mattress. It’s made with coils. It has latex foam and as some dense polyurethane foam even as a cooling cover. We rate this about a firm somewhere maybe between a medium firm and a firm if you’re of 300 pounds, it’s probably going to be able to accommodate all sleeping positions. But let’s say you have two people sleeping on the same bed and one person isn’t larger than it’s going to feel like a pretty firm dead to you but it does come with totally free returns. If you decide that you don’t like it and they’ve done all sorts of, you know, testing of this bed with mattress roll checking and whatnot. And it is a very durable bed. That’s made exclusively for heavy individuals which comes with free shipping comes, with free returns, all stuff and the general feel of this bed is more like a dense firm innerspring bed.


Whereas Wixinkbed on the other hand is more like a pillow top mattress. So, there is a difference between some of these beds. So, if you think about sattva the original comfort mattress, they have the plush soft of the -luxury firm. The Firm all of which come in and 11-and-a-half-inches, a 14-and-a-half-inch version and all of those are really nice beds. If you look at Consumer Reports, they do all this extensive durability testing and through this they give it an excellent rating which is their highest rating but then sattva actually decided that they didn’t want to just sell their original beds. They wanted to make a model just like Zex Xig thing that’s made specifically for heavy people. So, we think it’s one of the best beds you can buy online as you lay on it and it feels like a really nice upgraded luxury pillow top mattress.