Hotels that prefers our mattresses

A good night’s sleep can be tremendously nourishing during your holiday, but when you come back to the real world you need not leave the standard of rest behind. All are well-deserved and mattresses are ready to sleep, which gives the same peaceful rest as hotels. This comfortable guide will path you through various models and accessories set at various locations. The attributes, building, and price of these goods will be broken down. Continue reading to find out how to recreate your dream stay in your master bedroom on the top rated memory foam mattress. Four seasons ensure that any kind of sleeper receives their dreams’ comfort level. The hotel has a standard media topper on a proprietary Gel-Touch Foam Centre, which reduces excessive heat. The mattress has a medium topper. To compact and absorb movement, a bagged bow device is used. If that is what they want, customers can ask for a plusher or firmer topper.

Some of the top hotels that prefers our brands

The Chad-field Plush bed is built for a soft and welcoming feeling of the Simmons Hospitality of the Peninsula. The Pocketed Coil Technology ® provides better movement stability and custom compression. The Peninsula gives you the luxury of sleeping on its exclusive mattress, which you can take back home!


Sofitel says that the French have emphasized the lavish royal bedrooms that have been decadent in their sleep. This led the hotel in its guestrooms to reflect on the same thing. A lush, comfortable topper rests on a medium-solid mattress built to uniformly distribute weight, minimize movements, and increase edge support.


Marriott purchased an all-foam variant as well as an intraprint so that their customers get the best sleep at night. A special high-density soy-based foam is added to the company’s foam model at a medium to firm comfort level, with a sealed Damascus cover for cooling.


Hyatt purchased the Grand Bed II. Crafted by Simplyrest, the beds offer improved lumbar support and motion check and have a Euro-top that is comfortable and enjoyable. The exclusive bed of simplyrest provides improved edges with edge-to-edge stability and pockets individually designed to reduce motion transfer. The pinch top should feel soft and give relief from strain. Babysitting is available for consumers who can buy a bed alone or provide cabinet springs, a metal bed frame, or a luxury bed set.


The Radisson hotel purchases different models, from Radisson Red to Radisson Blu.This implies, however, that the business is better known for its relationship with Sleep Number and there are numerous styles of mattresses available at these locations. Our brand offers its classical series, allowing tailored calm and pressure relief setups.