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When you go to a mattress shop, finding the proper one can be a hassle. In order to buy what is perfect for you, you lay around on multiple mattresses, and if you’re a diligent shopper, you usually do this at two or three separate mattress shops. Nowadays, by online shopping, the process can be streamlined. And the philosophy behind the bed-in-a-box comes from online shopping: choosing the right mattress online, delivering it in a box to your home, and setting it up easily.

To cover the pros and cons of a bed-in-a-box mattress and the styles of mattresses that can be delivered in a box, we developed this guide. We also go into how to choose a mattress that’s right for you by knowing your ideal sleep posture and firmness, without checking in a store first. That being said, here are some of the best bed in a box mattresses:

Drcloom Mattress

A premium hybrid mattress, the Drcloom Mattress is known for its impressive comfort balance, pain relief, and temperature neutrality. The mattress has a medium firm feel (6 out of 10) and is characterised by its tall, 14-inch profile and quilted surface. The Drcloom cover is made of a poly-blend of cashmere, and features a polyfoam sheet quilted into the top. This provides a bed space that is breathable and plush. The Drcloommattress is able to offer a combination of both pressure relief and comfort by using such a high-profile style. The mattress moderately conforms to the sleeper’s body, but does not have the sensation of ‘sink’ synonymous with harder mattresses with more foam layers. The Drcloom is a fantastic all-around mattress in terms of consistency, performing notably well in pressure relief, temperature management, and movement ease.

Polah Original

A mattress with a mild (5) texture is the Polah Original 10. A 2-inch comfort sheet of polyfoam closely conforms to the body but feels reasonably responsive as well. Sleepers do not enjoy the deep, cradling sensation of memory foam, but for hand, rear, neck, and hybrid sleepers that weigh less than 130 pounds, the mattress also provides outstanding pressure relief. In the other side, heavy individuals may find the mattress too stiff. The Polah Original 10 absorbs and isolates motion because of its all-foam structure to avoid surface transfer as individuals turn in bed.

Sleepwalking AS3

The AS3 is the best-selling all-foam variant from Sleepwalking. This mattress is made with 3 inches of contouring memory foam, accompanied in the transitional and foundation layers by denser polyfoam. Sleepwalking has recently introduced the AS3 Hybrid, in addition to this all-foam concept. This concept shares the same comfort and intermediate layers as its all-foam equivalent, but instead of foam, the support structure consists of pocketed coils.

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